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International activities of DIPF and its links at European level

DIPF actively conducts internationally networked educational research. To this end, it co-operates with supranational organisations and partners in other countries. Research and analyses of the scientists on topics such as national school quality, educational governance and science infrastructure provide a sound foundation for the international comparability of the German education system.

At the level of projects, many contacts are held with scientists from all over the world. In quite a number of cases, co-operations have led to intrinsic networking – for example, with the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), cApStAn in Belgium or the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA). Subject to the framework of large-scale educational assessments commissioned by the OECD such as PISA and PIAAC, DIPF contributes its expertise to international consortia, in the field of questionnaire design and technology-based testing.

International associations

Academic researchers from DIPF actively and regularly participate in international conferences and congresses to exchange ideas and experiences with international colleagues:

International Co-operation in Education

Webbutton iceSince 2006, the office for International Cooperation in Education (ice) at DIPF has supported educational researchers in Germany in conducting internationalization tasks. Its portfolio comprises counselling for individual research groups, information on EU funding opportunities and a regular organization of workshops to train young researchers in English language publishing activities.

Research stays

DIPF supports and requests its scientists to spend a period of time at a co-operating research institution abroad. Financial support is available to doctoral students from DIPF for a host period of up to three months, (regulations issued by the German Research Foundation, DFG). Furthermore, DIPF regularly welcomes visiting researchers at the Institute.

Information services with an international focus

The German Education Server hosts an edited English language website for its international visitors, eduserver, which presens news from the German education system ranging from early childhood education to higher education.

Education worldwide offers information on pedagogical innovations and topics from education systems all over the world – interesting for anyone concerned with international comparisons or for users showing an interest in approaches taken by European education systems.

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