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Workplace and Family

At DIPF, we perceive good conditions for a harmonisation of family and workplace demands to be a relevant factor for successful work at the Institute. To support a good balance between demands from work and family life, diverse services and measures are being developed at DIPF. Therefore, DIPF is certified by the audit “berufundfamilie“.

DIPF is one of 265 enterprises, institutions and universities that were successfully audited in 2010 / 2011 thus it is one of 1000 certified employers in Germany. DIPF thereby takes a leading role among science institutions in Germany.

In the course of auditing, DIPF developed concrete measures that were signed in a target agreement in 2010. Accordingly, DIPF was granted a certification for a period of three years.

DIPF strives to implement the objectives and measures formulated in the target agreement in the given time frame. At its core, this means the sustainable positive treatment of aspects concerning the harmonisation of workplace and family demands in the institutional culture.

The Institute refers to a broad concept regarding families. In terms of the audit “berufundfamilie”: a family is defined by long-term personal commitment to the care of individuals. In particular, this regards children, parents, partners, siblings, grandchildren, grandparents and persons in need of assistance and care regardless of their legal status of relationship.

After three years, a renewed auditing will lead to the definition of further target agreements. In the case of successful re-auditing, the Institute will be granted permission to retain the certificate “audit berufundfamilie”.

The certificate "audit berufundfamilie" is a quality certification for family-aware human resources development. It documents that DIPF is sustainably engaged in harmonising workplace and family-related demands.

berufundfamilie gGmbH was founded in 1998 by the non-profit Hertie Foundation to co-ordinate all activities the Foundation conducts in the field. The gGmbH has since been established as an outstanding competence source for questions concerning the harmonisation of workplace and family demands. The “audit berufundfamilie” has been conceptualised as a strategic management instrument for sustainable, family-aware human resource development policy. It is a recognised quality indicator of family-friendly employment policy. Leading German business alliances BDA, BDI, DIHK and ZDH recommend it; the Federal Minister of Family Affairs and the Federal Minister of Economy act as its patrons.

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