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Knowledge for Education

At DIPF, we focus on empirical research, the provision of digital infrastructures and targeted knowledge transfer, to offer support in dealing with contemporary and future challenges to the education system.

Our social and cultural scientific studies focus on educational pathways, educational programmes, and the professionalisation of pedagogical staff. The findings assist politicians and administrators in developing empirically sound quality and governance concepts. Moreover, DIPF offers the outcomes of its work to schools and early childhood education institutions. DIPF co-ordinates the national report on education, parts of the PISA assessments, and several research alliances

Based on its own research in computer science and information science, DIPF runs and develops science infrastructures that process and document educational information. These services include the central guide to education on the web, i.e. German Education Server, and the German Education Portal which offers access to publications and research data. The Institute moreover develops and makes available digital research tools

DIPF is actively committed to making openly accessible scientific information and educational media.

It is a member of the Leibniz Association.

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Knowledge for Education

Profile and Overview 2013/2014

This brief overview presents the most important milestones of work conducted at DIPF in the past two years

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