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Detecting good teaching

Deutsche Welle (DW), Germany’s international radio station, interviewed Professor Dr. Eckhard Klieme on features of quality education.

In an article written by DW on educational quality worldwide, Professor Klieme states that “good education has to provide students with competencies they need for further education and for being successful in everyday life and professional life”.  It is important, Klieme says, that school children are prepared for all challenges of day-to-day-life and a professional career. He is also quoted as straightening out that teachers are supposed to be solidly trained – not only in their subject: "Teachers should know how to teach their subject," he says. "This is different from subject matter knowledge - you can be an excellent biologist without knowing how to teach biology."

A recent statistic by the UNESCO provided the thematic anchor to the report in DW: Worldwide, 58 million children do not have access to education.  To facilitate the opportunity for education for all those children is crucial, and, furthermore, educational quality for all those children already attending school has to be improved, concludes the author.

The entire article “We don’t need no education” on DW Website.

last modified Apr 21, 2015