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Children at risk of poor educational outcomes

Theoretical concepts and empirical results

A substantial proportion of children in western countries do not acquire the level of achievement in literacy, mathematics or science required to participate effectively in today's knowledge-based society (OECD 2006, 2010). These children also face a disproportionally high risk to fall behind their age-appropriate class, to be on a low educational track, to attain only a low educational qualification or even to drop out of school without any formal qualification. Different disciplines have studied these "children at risk of poor educational outcomes" using various concepts and methodological approaches. The aim of this special issue is to bring together these various perspectives and therefore to provide a more comprehensive picture of the diverse "risk factors" that are associated with poor educational outcomes. Theoretical as well as empirical contributions are included.

Hasselhorn, Marcus (Hrsg.); Andresen, Sabine (Hrsg.); Becker, Birgit (Hrsg.); Betz, Tanja (Hrsg.); Leuzinger- Bohleber, Marianne (Hrsg.); Schmid, Johanna (Hrsg.): Children at risk of poor educational outcomes. Theoretical concepts and empirical results, in: Child Indicators Research 7/4, Dordrecht: Springer Netherlands (2014)



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