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Enhancing relevance ranking of the EERQI search engine

In this chapter of "Assessing quality in European Educational Research" the authors describe the application of the detection of salient sentences for enhancing relevance ranking in the EERQI search engine as well as for the presentation of document snippets in the results list.

In a proof-of-concept experiment the authors show that the presence of the query word(s) in the salient sentences detected is an important indicator of the relevance of the article. The authors have compared the relevance of the articles retrieved with their method with those retrieved by the Lucene search engine as configured for the EERQI content base with the default relevance ranking, which is based on word frequency measures. The results are complementary, which points to the utility of the integration of their tool into Lucene.

Sándor, Ágnes; Vorndran, Angela: Enhancing relevance ranking of the EERQI search engine, in: Gogolin, Ingrid; Åström, Fredrik; Hansen, Antje (eds.): Assessing quality in European Educational Research, Wiesbaden: Springer VS (2014), 56-69

last modified Nov 03, 2015