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Finding quality

A multilingual search engine for Educational Research

To develop a field specific and multilingual search-engine, numerous algorithms are needed in addition to a general-purpose search engine. Here the authors describe the focal areas of development done in EERQI: Automatic classification for educational research, multilingual retrieval, query extension and relevance ranking. The classification algorithms, developed in EERQI enable a crawler to identify relevant objects with respect to a scientific field; the multilingual algorithms allow the retrieval of documents in several languages; query extension proposes related query terms to the user; relevance ranking is enhanced by semantic analysis.

Kaplan, Aaron; Sándor, Ágnes; Severiens, Thomas; Vorndran, Angela: Finding quality. A multilingual search engine for Educational Research, in: Gogolin, Ingrid; Åström, Fredrik; Hansen, Antje (eds.): Assessing quality in European Educational Research, Wiesbaden: Springer VS (2014), 22-30

last modified Nov 03, 2015