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Highlighting salient sentences for reading assistance

The traditional process of the intrinsic evaluation of the quality of scholarly publications is peer reviewing.

This is a time-consuming activity. In order to facilitate and speed up peer reviewing processes the authors have developed an exploratory natural language processing system implemented within the Xerox Incremental Parser for English, French, German and Swedish. The system highlights sentences that convey the most important threads of the article's content in order to focus the reviewer's attention on the design of the argumentation in the article. The authors have tested the results in several experimental settings.

Sándor, Ágnes; Vorndran, Angela: Highlighting salient sentences for reading assistance, in: Gogolin, Ingrid; Åström, Fredrik; Hansen, Antje (eds.): Assessing quality in European Educational Research Wiesbaden: Springer VS (2014), 43-55

last modified Nov 03, 2015