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Methods in longitudinal school improvement research

Because longitudinal studies have not been widely used in school improvement research, the editors wished to highlight current longitudinal designs in school improvement research drawn from a variety of countries.

The studies contained in this special issue deal with different contents and demands in school improvement research. Owing to different research designs and methods, the papers demonstrate diverse possibilities in the manner of conducting longitudinal studies of school improvement. The papers, therefore, highlight advantages and disadvantages of different approaches. While we believe that these papers are of high quality, the complexity of school improvement still demands further development in the conceptualization of school improvement as well as in our research designs and methods. This said, the editors invite readers to read and discuss the papers critically.

Feldhoff, Tobias; Radisch, Falk; Klieme, Eckhard. Methods in longitudinal school improvement Research, in: Journal of Educational Administration, 52 (2014) Suppl. 5, 559-564


last modified Apr 23, 2015