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Native language self-concept and reading self-concept

Same or different?

In assessing verbal academic self-concept with preadolescents, researchers have used scales for students' self-concepts in reading and in their native language interchangeably. The authors conducted 3 studies with German students to test whether reading and German (i.e., native language) self-concepts can be treated as the same or different constructs.

Compared with other facets of academic self-concept, reading self-concept was more highly related to reading test scores (Study 1) and German self-concept to German grades (Study 2). In Study 3, reading and general school self-concepts demonstrated similar relations to German grades. The findings of the 3 studies, albeit indirect, supported the specificity matching principle and caution researchers against applying reading and native language self-concept scales uncritically to infer verbal self-concept.

Arens, A. Katrin; Yeung, Alexander Seeshing; Hasselhorn, Marcus: Native language self-concept and reading self-concept. Same or different?, in: The Journal of Experimental Education, 82 (2014) 2, 229-252

last modified May 21, 2015