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Open educational resources and social bookmarking

Connecting users and editors

Referatories or reference platform can be filled in three ways: By editorial staff, by automatic aggregation or with user generated content. The article presents two cases of reference platforms (Elixier and Edutags) using different ways to aggregate the contents. A comparison of the inventories of both systems makes visible that each system can benefit from the other's metadata. For the example of OER (open educational ressources) it can be shown how automatic aggretation can support manual tagging. As a conclusion a joint system is suggested that combines different aspects of both platforms.

Heinen, Richard; Blees, Ingo; Kerres, Michael; Rittberger, Marc. Open educational resources and social bookmarking, in: Stracke, Christian M.; Ehlers, Ulf-Daniel; Creelman, Alastair; Shamarina-Heidenreich, Tatiana (eds.). Changing the trajectory, Berlin: Logos (2014), 33-40

last modified May 05, 2015