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The eras and trends of automatic short answer grading

Due to the diversity of natural language processing (NLP) tools and resources, combining them into processing pipelines is an important issue, and sharing these pipelines with others remains a problem.

We present DKPro Core, a broad-coverage component collection integrating a wide range of third-party NLP tools and making them interoperable. Contrary to other recent endeavors that rely heavily on web services, our collection consists only of portable components distributed via a repository, making it particularly interesting with respect to sharing pipelines with other researchers, embedding NLP pipelines in applications, and the use on high-performance computing clusters. Our collection is augmented by a novel concept for automatically selecting and acquiring resources required by the components at runtime from a repository.

Based on these contributions, we demonstrate a way to describe a pipeline such that all required software and resources can be automatically obtained, making it easy to share it with others, e.g. in order to reproduce results or as examples in teaching, documentation, or publications.

Burrows, Steven; Gurevych, Iryna; Stein, Benno: The eras and trends of automatic short answer grading, in: International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education, (2014)

last modified Apr 15, 2015