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Documentation of the Situation of Pupils With Migrant Backgrounds at Schools in Frankfurt

Regional education monitoring for the city of Frankfurt based official statistics of Hessen

Project description

This documentation was conducted on behalf of the magistrate of the City of Frankfurt/Main, department of schools.

The first part outlines the situation of foreign children and youths at schools in the City of Frankfurt across a period of time, for the years 1978-1982 – on the basis of data regularly ascertained by the state statistical office of Hessen, followed by a deetailed documentation, analysis and assessment of foreign students’ educational participation and educational outcomes for the school year 2000/2001.

The second part presents results from a survey of school heads regarding the promotion of students with foreign language backgrounds, newer types of co-operation between the school and home, and further teacher training for the school year 2001/2002  as well as suggestions on improving the situation of the target group. These findings are discussed against the background of psychological and educational scientific insights, with regard to the schools’ orientation towards existing multilingualism and multiculturalism.

The third part discusses criteria for future statistical assessments for increasing the prognostic value as to probable statistical developments and a better basis for education political action. Selected examples illustrate the areas where data from the state statistical office of Hesse could be improved. At the same time, the limits of diagnostic and prognostic values of conventional school statistical data are rendered apparent. The main part is completed by a comprehensive annex and a bibliography.


Ingrid Plath / Dorothea Bender-Szymanski / Christoph Kodron: Dokumentation zur Situation von Schülerinnen und Schülern mit Migrationserfahrungen an Frankfurter Schulen im Schuljahr 2000/2001. Frankfurt am Main: DIPF XIII, 323 S.

ISBN: 4-88494-233-6 (out of print)

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