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Historical Practice of Education and Teaching

Historical Practice of Education and Teaching

The research field focuses on pedagogical practices carried out by different participants in different institutional and historically specific contexts, e.g. In instructional settings in schools as organisations but also in the family. From a certain historical period of development onwards, such participants are regarded as laypersons, e.g. parents, or professionals.

Such practices can be reconstructed by comparing different periods of time and looking at different sources. It is thus possible to elicit continuities and long-term transformations but possibly also rapid changes in the development of pedagogical cultures and forms of Institutionalisation – e.g. modern time instruction.

Together with scientists from Humboldt-University in Berlin, Georg-Eckert-Institute in Braunschweig and Hildesheim University and by integrating the perspective of subject didactics, we aim to expand research on the history of practices and media in subject instruction.

Whilst previous work in the field has so far focused on writing a history of didactic models or of curricula, we intend to historically approach the operative level of school instruction. It will thus be possible to liaise competencies and experiences from two Leibniz institutes with Humboldt University in Berlin. The different and complementary archival and librarian holdings of the respective institutes will thus be put to a connected and systematic use for research and teacher education.



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