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Innovative services for educational research data

The innovative services for educational research data are aimed at reducing the manual effort of analysis invested dby educational researchers, thus enabling them to gain more time for the actual research matters.

For a user-oriented documentation and indexing in a research data centre,  and for sscaling to large datasets as well as for the purpose of finding answers to emerging questions, innovative IT-based services are developed for automated preparation and use of educational research data.

In many areas of educational research, data analysis is still conducted manually, e.g. transcription of lesson videos or interviews (example: dataset of Pythagoras project). In the future, such data could semi-automatically be transcribed using automated language recognition and semantic technologies.

The data available at Forschungsdatenzentrum (research data centre) would be better described, searched and clearly more readily assessed for their use if metadata such as keywords were extracted from the text-based data from educational research (e.g. transcripts).

Search and the subsequent assessment of records can be facilitated by summaries. In this case, the research links to existing preliminary work which is expanded and adapted for the application to new types of sources such as spoken language in videos.



Marc Rittberger


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last modified Sep 12, 2014