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Large-scale assessment

National and international surveys of student achievement (large-scale assessments) as a basis for research on school and instructional quality and educational measurement.

DIPF is involved in the conceptualisation and evaluation of national and international school achievement assessments – i.e. large-scale assessments. These large, internationally comparative assessments of student achievement connect two research topics that are important at the institute, i.e. school and instructional quality, as well as modeling and diagnostics of competencies (i.e. educational measurement).

The assessment of student competencies, school and instructional learning environments as well as their effectivity lead to thematic and methodological synergies.

A systematic preparation of the concepts, procedures, instruments and findings from educational monitoring and farom evaluation or intervention studies enables DIPF to deliver knowledge for governance and action – for educational policy makers but also for school quality development.



Department of Educational Quality and Evaluation
last modified Jan 16, 2014