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Technology Based Assessment

Test methods for the future: Innovative procedures for technology based assessment of competencies

The Centre for Technology Based Assessment (TBA Centre) conducts fundamental and application-oriented research; as a permanent task it supports educational research institutions and projects in developing and implementing technology-based assessment. This includes educational research projects as well as national and international large-scale studies, e.g. PISA, PIAAC or NEPS. The TBA Centre was set up in January 2011 by a grant of permanent funding to the TBA project, which was jointly launched in 2007 by the Information Center for Education and the Department of Educational Quality and Evaluation. The TBA Centre integrates information technology into the measurement of competencies and thus creates an important bridge between the DIPF departments.

TBA research infrastructure. The Centre for Technology based Assessment (TBA Centre) develops and supports research infrastructures for the application of technology-based test procedures in empirical educational research. Owing to a sustainable commitment, the TBA Centre contributes to the improvement of framework conditions for successful research. This includes the development and delivery of authoring tools, e.g. the CBA ItemBuilder for item, test and questionnaire development; operative assessment procedures for open text formats; Implementation of specific delivery scenarios (e.g. web-based solutions, adaptation of existing hard/software for the purpose of assessment and conceptualisation and technological support of development processes). Infrastructure services are complemented by respective advice, training for the use of software tools and technical support. 

TBA research. TBA research focuses on optimising diagnostic procedures that are implemented for summative measurement as well as being formatively used for adaptive teaching and learning systems. To this end, psychometric and information technological methods of data analysis and data management are developed and applied as well as methods of information, text and knowledge processing. The TBA Centre conducts research on the added diagnostic value derived from implementing technology with respect to construct validity, measurement efficiency and assessment of open text formats, processes of working on tasks, diagnostics and instruction as well as research data management. This orientation towards research is supported by the Centre for International Student Assessment (ZIB). In particular, a professorship has been established for Educational-psychological Assessment with a focus on technology (Technology-Based Assessment and Instruction) at the Department of Educational Quality and Evaluation (BiQua). The orientation towards research in TBA will be further developed by a professorship in informatics that has been complementarily established at the Information Centre for Education.

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last modified Mar 24, 2016

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