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Text mining and information search

The topic of text mining and information search focuses a preferably intuitive, high-quality search technique for the web and information portals offered by the Information Center for Education. Furthermore, editors from the German Education Server shall be supplied with intelligent tools to support their work on compiling contents.

In the field of search, the scientists investigate semantic methods that enable users to find more relevant documents. Here, the large-scale lexical-semantic resource UBY for German and English is applied with its semantic linkages. 

Furthermore, scientists in this field are working on methods targeting automatic descriptions of documents and question answering, e.g. related to Social Media contents, folksonomies, question-answering repositories focusing on educational aspects.

Automated assessments of the quality of contents play a crucial role in web-based scenarios. To this end, the researchers investigate text-based and pragmatic quality indicators for web content as well as procedures for automated quality assessments concerning documents found on the web, including user-generated metadata.

Concerning the creation of content, high-quality editing  as it is performed by the German Education Server involves a high effort invested by the respective editors. The field of research aims at investigating methods that can support work that is so far mostly done manually. For example, this pertains to the retrieval of further links on the basis of existing ones, assignment of index terms or the compilation of automated summaries of websites bearing relevance to education. Such methods are based on machine learning and linguistically inspired text characteristics. 

A high quality of found resources and of created contents is assured by the development of automated quality analysis procedures as well as final quality checks by the editors of the German Education Server.



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last modified Sep 12, 2014