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Scientific infrastructures

At DIPF, scientific infrastructure services comprise libraries and online information systems, research instruments and research data. The social infrastructure services offered by the institute also include the co-ordination of large co-operation alliances, leading roles in science networks, institutes and large-scale projects as well as counseling services.

DIPF develops and offers science infrastructures at different levels. Services in the field of science infrastructures comprise libraries and online information systems, digital research instruments and research data. DIPF also offers social infrastructures, among them the co-ordination of large associations of co-operations, leading roles in science networks, institutions and large-scale projects, and advice services.

Thereby, DIPF opens new research horizons to the scientists:“

  • By its new information and communication technologies, DIPF enables a digital organisation and usable delivery of information.
  • DIPF provides researchers with scientific literature, research data and digital "research tools“.
  • Its social infrastructures, e.g. science programmes, interdisciplinary doctoral and postdoctoral programmes prepare young researchers thoroughly for working on thematically focused research projects.
  • By co-ordinating large-scale science programmes and projects, DIPF aligns and networks different approaches, interests and methods in the scientific community.
  • By offering research counselling, DIPF supports the establishment and improvement of international contacts / co-operations and it assists national and international educational projects with technology-based assessment methods.
last modified Sep 08, 2015