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Archive Database of the BBF

Reference system of autographs, personal and corporate papers, from the BBF archive in Berlin

The archive database of the Research Library for the History of Education (BBF) contains references of autographs, personal and corporate papers as well as collections from the BBF archive.

Personal records of Prussian teachers have been completely digitised from the expert office for German schools and studies at the Berlin Institute for teacher training and school development; they can directly be accessed from the database on the internet.

To the BBF archive database


Since 2000, archival stock has successively been electronically indexed in the database. Presently, ca. 25 % of the 1,800 running meters of stock are searchable in the database.


Dr. Bettina Irina Reimers (Head of the BBF Archive)
For general information please call +49 (0)30 293360-872 or mail to archiv@dipf.de

last modified Dec 06, 2016