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Database for Quality of Schools

A database to support the empirical educational research

The database supports empirical educational research by indexing different research instruments and rendering them generally accessible. On this website, users can find digital documentations of research projects in the domains of school and instructional quality.

The database contains information on studies and their framework conditions; and delivers insights into actual questionnaires. Moreover, the database increases transparency in research activities and highlights the visibility of research projects and related activities.

This broad scope of offerings can be accessed via four pathways:

  • A simple search option allowing for a first, quick access to data;
  • An enhanced serch mode offering targeted, differentiated search options;
  • A list of constructs and a graphic presentation of a generic construct schema, serving a theory-driven research strategy;
  • A list that displays all of the studies that have been integrated into DaQS so far.

The comprehensive service offers educational researchers support and facilitates research processes.

Database for Quality of Schools  (Only in German)


The database for quality of schools (DaQS)  was developed within the framework of a project that was funded by the Senatsausschuss Wettbewerb (SAW), a body of the Leibniz Association (WGL). The service has been online since March 2011.


The database for quality of schools (DaQS) is offered within the framework of the German Education Portal because the latter functions as a one-stop shop providing a central entry point to pedagogical information. Networking ofthe services was taken into consideration: Wherever possible, references that are incorporated in DaQS as sources for a scale  or as publikations on a study, are  linked to the respective record in the German Education Index.


Dr. Marius Gerecht

last modified Sep 24, 2013