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Depot is a database of editing characteristics of pedagogical journals.

DEPOT is a database indexing editing characteristics of pedagogical journals, see http://www.fachportal-paedagogik.de/depot/zeitschriften.html; it provides information regarding the editing concept and reputation of educational science and subject didactic periodicals. Presently, DEPOT holds ca. 300 records relating to mostly German language educational science and subject didactic journals. The data are systematically updated once a year and any change that is made known is added in due course. The editors welcome any suggestions regarding the integration of periodicals.

DEPOT is offered in the context of the German Education Portal (www.fachportal-paedagogik.de).


Work on DEPOT was started in the context of the project “Innovative bibliometric procedures for a continuous monitoring of social science research productions unded by DFG from  2007-2010; journals are selected subject to a multi-level process. Initially, journals were chosen that according to a survey of the publication conduct of educational scientists from selected institutions were more frequently used for publication purposes. These journals were complemented by periodicals that are frequently indexed in the German Education Index. In addition, journals were indexed for which subject didactic information was reported by editors and publishing houses.


Christoph Schindler

last modified Oct 12, 2016