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Education worldwide

Education worldwide is a gateway to educational information from abroad

Education worldwide is a portal offered in the context of the German Education Server. Educational researchers and educational practitioners who are globally searching for innovations or seeking to conduct international comparisons  are offered a basic pool of information and internet resources.

Owing to globalisation, there is a growing need for educational information from other countries. The improvement of European integration, transformation processes in middle and eastern Europe, possibilities arising from new information and communication technology and results from international assessments of student achievement have contributed to this development.

Education worlwide 


Today’s portal is based on a link collection, founded in 1997 under the name of INES (Information on National Education Systems). In 2004, the collection was renamed “Bildungssysteme international“ (BiSy) – together with other international information sources offered by DIPF,  the service was offered as “Education worldwide”.  In 2010, a redesign took place and the portal was relaunched.


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last modified Sep 24, 2013