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Social tagging, Social bookmarking

Edutags is a Web-2.0-based platform for collecting (bookmarking) and individual indexing (Tagging) thematic information resources and teaching materials from the field of STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). As of today, the system lists more than 15,000 resources, 2,600 registered users and 150 work groups (as of 11/2012).

Edutags is of particular interest for teachers: they can use edutags for administering bookmarks for didactic materials online, organize them and make them available to the community. Moreover, students and groups of students in different stages of teacher training and pedagogical training can actively engage in collecting and  tagging resources thus contributing to “community building“.          

OER-LogoTo ensure that the use of resources is legally ascertained, many of the materials are offered under a Creative- Commons Licence. Finding of such Open Educational Resources is facilitated by the CC crawler developed by Edutags, which checks each entered resource for the existence of a machine readable CC licence.


Edutags was launched in 2010  subject to the project Testing and integrating a social bookmarking  and social tagging platform in the context of the German Education Server. The project aimed at developing a tool that would enable teachers to

  • administer and organise bookmarks online
  • share them with users from groups and/or make them available to the community as a whole
  • feed their own content into the system, via standardised formats (e.g. RSS Newsfeeds) and the administration of  their own workspace

Currently the project edutags II is concerned with optimising user Experience, community building and enhancing a central reference system for  Open Educational Resources based on Creative Commons licensing. The integration oft he contents into related information systems e.g. ELIXIER (only in German available) is envisaged .


Edutags is a collaborative project/ service  that is offered in co-operation with the professorship for media didactics and knowledge management (Prof. Dr. Michael Kerres) at University Duisburg-Essen (Faculty for Educational Science).


Ingo Blees

last modified Jan 28, 2016