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ELIXIER – Online resources of the German Education Server

Search engine for educational media – effective, quality-assured, free of charge

The portal ELIXIER comprehends approximately 50,000 quality-assured educational media that have been selected by editors (as of December 2012). ELIXIER enables teachers to search material that is available for download, e.g. worksheets, teaching units, images, audio and video material as well as self-learning resources (e.g. webquests and school software). Editors from the state education servers who are knowledgeable in subject didactics provide material that is accessible via an integrated search functionality, together with materials offered by lehrer-online, Planet Schule, Siemens foundation and the self-learning platform Mauswiesel (offered by the state server of Hesse).


ELIXIER stands for “Elaborated Lists in XML for Internet Educational Resources”  - the project was begun in May 2007 aiming to develop a standardised interface for the exchange of metadata between education servers in Germany, thus creating a shared pool of resources for teaching and learning material, particularly for school education.


Presently 12 partners deliver their data to ELIXIER, i.e. education servers from Hesse, Lower Saxony, Saxony, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Saxony-Anhalt, North-Rhine Westphalia and Bavaria as well as the German Education Server, FWU, MELT, Contake and SODIS. The state education servers from Hamburg, Bremen, Berlin-Brandenburg and Thuringia have stated their intention to join.


Dr. Christian Richter

last modified Mar 09, 2016