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German Education Index

The German Education Index (FIS Bildung Literaturdatenbank) presents the most comprehensive compilation of educationally relevant references in the German language area.

This service predominantly targets educational science (research and training), but it also delivers comprehensive services to educational practitioners (pre-primary school, primary and secondary education, special needs education etc.). The database records scholarly literature from all of the disciplines in educational science, as well as educational policy papers and practice-related texts and materials. Printed and online material published after 1980 is indexed: Journal articles, collective works, contributions to collective works and monographs are described by keywords and occasionally abstracts. Users are assisted in obtaining titles by direct links indicating where journals are held in German libraries and other links informing about the obtainability of journals.

Some diagrams provide additional information on the content and development of the German Education Index.

Access to the German Education Index


From 1994 to 2005, the database was published on CD Rom (initially labeled "Literaturdokumentation Bildung" and "CD Bildung"). From 1998, latest additions to the CD Rom were searchable online, since 2001 the entire database was offered online, in parallel to the version on CD Rom. In 2005, the database was integrated into the German Education Portal.

Development of the German Education Index was subject to the BLK model project "Erprobung der Konzeption für ein Fachinformationssystem Bildung" (Testing a concept for a scholarly information system, 1992-1996). Since 1997, the co-ordinating office for the German Education Index has been permanently established at the DIPF.


The German Education Index is maintained by ca. 30 co-operation partners in Germany and Switzerland.


Christoph Schindler (co-ordination)

last modified Sep 06, 2016