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German Education Portal

Access to information about the entire area of education

The German Education Portal offers users access to a broad scope of selected, openly available information addressing the entire scope of education. In particular, this portal is interesting for anyone with an interest in educational science and for educational scientists in research and practice.

The information service focuses on searching for bibliographic information, via the German Education Index and pedocs, a platform for publishing in open access format. A meta-searchfunctionality is provided for researching information in a number of pedagogical databases, incorporating diverse relevant information services. Another supplement is the specialised information service “Educational Science and Educational Research”.

The research data centre for education (FDZ Bildung) offers sites labelled "Forschungsdaten Bildung" - research data education, as a central access point to research data and respective educational research instruments. For instance, you will find describing information relating to studies, questionnaires used therein, items, scales, audio-visual data from instruction observations, contextual material and publications.

The subject directory for educational research is generated in a joint venture of the German Education Portal and the German Education Server. This catalogue renders online resources available that are openly accessible and relevant for research processes in educational science.

Other specific services offered by the German Education Portal are: tutorial sites providing guidance to scientific work, the science information and communication platform for research on the history of education (Historische Bildungsforschung Online, HBO) by the Research Library for the History of Education (BBF), the database of editorial characteristics of pedagogical journals (Datenbank editorischer Merkmale pädagogischer Fachzeitschriften, DEPOT), the database for school quality (Datenbank zur Qualität von Schule, DaQS) for the documentation of assessment instruments from empirical educational research, and ProHaBil, the index of doctoral and habilitation theses from educational research in Germany.

Wherever possible, the German Education Portal provides links to electronic versions of a retrieved title that are usually openly accessible.

A team of co-ordinators and editors is permanently concerned with enhancing this information service.

Further development of the portal is monitored by a scientific advisory board.

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The portal has been online since August 2005. The development and setup of the portal were funded within the framework of the DFG programme for establishing virtual research libraries (2004-2008).


The German Education Portal is edited and maintained by the Information Center for Education. Together with the German Education Server, the German Education Portal represents a developmental association. From an interdisciplinary perspective, the portal co-operates with related academic disciplines, i.e. psychology, social science, and economics. The German Education Index, a bibliographic database, has been maintained by the Information Center for Education and its partner institutions in a joint venture labeled “Fis Bildung”, since 1994 – it is continually updated and enhanced.


Christoph Schindler

last modified Mar 21, 2017