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German Education Server

Server for Information on the German education system - information on internet resources concerning all aspects of education

As a guide to educational information on the web, the German Education Server (Eduserver) offers basic and high-quality information and internet resources to all interested parties, quick, up-to-date, comprehensive and free of charge. In its function as a meta-server, the Eduserver mainly refers to internet resources provided by the federal government (Bund) and the federal states (Länder), the European Union, higher education institutions, schools, state institutes, non-university research institutes, science organisations, libraries, documentation centres, museums and others, structuring the information and presenting it in scholarly contexts.

The scope covered by the portal encompasses all levels of education from early childhood education and care to primary and secondary education, vocational education and training, adult education-/continuing education and higher education, science and educational research. These subject areas are complemented by general information on the education system and cross-sectional topics such as special needs education and social pedagogy, media education, education worldwide and intercultural education.

As a partner for educational research, educational practice, educational policy and educational administration, the German Education Server analyses knowledge transfer processes by providing appropriate web-based instruments and media products. Hence, the Education Server participates in designing innovative information infrastructures in education.

The development of target-group specific services is based on user-oriented criteria, according to state-of-the-art technology and information-scientific research. In setting up and optimising communication platforms, collaboratively usable tools and interfaces for contributing content, the Eduserver actively supports user participation.

 German Education Server


The German Education Server has been on-line since 1996. Since 1999, its co-ordinating office has been situated at DIPF.


The German Education Server is jointly funded by the federal government (Bund) and the federal states (Länder); it collaborates closely with a large number of portals and institutions relevant in education. On behalf of the federal government (Bund) and the states (Länder), further web portals funded by the public are presented under the umbrella of the German Education Server, thereby being sustainably networked with the Eduserver structures. For instance, the association of portals includes Bildung + Innovation, the publication platform focusing on educational reform, as well as InfoWeb Weiterbildung, a meta-search engine for training courses and the portal Lesen in Deutschland.

Close co-operations and working relationships exist with the Länder education servers, targeting the collaborative development of technological, informational and editorial infrastructures.

The co-ordinating office of the German Education Server, situated at DIPF, delivers the service in co-operation with the Institut für Film und Bild in Wissenschaft und Unterricht (FWU), Grünwald. The subject area of special (needs) education is edited at the University Library, Dortmund (UB Dortmund); the subject area of social pedagogy is edited at the faculty for social science and education science, Westfälische Wilhelms University Münster.


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last modified Mar 13, 2017