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HBO / Historische Bildungsforschung Online

Historische Bildungsforschung Online (HBO) is a portal for German-language research on the history of education.

HBO is structured into the following areas: the category “Forschung“ (research)  presents new research projects and reports on current activities from different educational historical projects. In the category of “Beiträge“ (contributions), users can find primary sources for educational historical research provided as full texts. Moreover, users will also find texts that address contemporary educational historical topics or specific research issues as well as reviews of new publications that are relevant to the history of education. An annotated list of links guides users to other thematically relevant services on the internet.  The calendar informs about events that are interesting in the field of educational history (conferences, exhibitions etc.). The mailing list PAED-HIST-L enables mutual exchange.

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HBO has been jointly offered by Bibliothek für Bildungsgeschichtliche Forschung (BBF) and Sektion Historische Bildungsforschung in der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Erziehungswissenschaft (DGfE) since 1999.


Susanne Barkowski (co-ordinator and editor)

last modified Oct 07, 2013