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Information service continuing education

The portal "Information service continuing education" includes comprehensive information about continuing education

This portal comprises comprehensive information and news on the topic of further/continuing education and training. At its core, the website hosts a meta search engine linking diverse databases, offering courses and training opportunities. Moreover, users can search for training related news and counseling opportunities.

The search engine will locate general, political, academic and professional training courses, with pertinent information being stored in the connected databases.

At present, the search engine connects 71 databases in further education and thus also fosters networking activities among active partners in continuing and further education.

Anybody taking an intrest in further and continuing education is thus supported, transparency is increased and the quality of information is improved.

 Information service continuing education  (Only in German)

History and co-operation

Until late 2004, IWWB was funded as a project by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Once the funding had expired, the project was permanently linked to DIPF. Now, the portal and its metasearch engine are integrated into the framework of the German Education Server (DBS). All of the IWWB activities are continued within the DBS framework.

A board representing  the partnering databases as  well as other continuing education databases , as well as representing persons from the federal, state and local authorities, and other interested parties from both research and practice, monitors the IWWB developments and activities.


Doris Hirschmann

last modified Sep 24, 2013