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Reading in Germany

Reading in Germany collects and documents Information about the promotion of reading which are online available

Lesen in Deutschland collects, indexes and collates information regarding reading promotion that are dispersed but freely available online, preparing the information for the target groups in focus and making the information available to parents, grandparents, teachers, educators and carers, librarians and experts as well as volunteers, giving ideas and support.

Actors in reading promotion are briefly portrayed, materials that are available online are presented and event and competition data are generated from the German Education Server’s databases.

The journal publishes reports, interviews and news on reading in Germany. Experts can publish their latest findings and reports in the “reading research” section of the portal. Students are invited to contribute their own  work in a special section of the portal.

The portal has closely collaborated with experts in the federal states to create portrayals of all federal states, focusing on regional campaigns, programmes, projects, initiatives, actions and agents in reading promotion. These presentations are continually updated.

 Reading in Germany (Only in German)

History and co-operation

The foundation and impetus was given by the BLK action framework for promoting reading outside school curricula, 17.11.2003. Lesen in Deutschland was planned by the Federal and State Planning Commission for Education and Educational Research (BLK, subject to funding by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research BMBF, Dec 2004 - Feb 2007).

Since March 2005, the portal has collected and indexed information that is available online. Until February 2007, "Bildung PLUS", the online portal on educational reform, contributed journalist articles on reading culture in Germany to the portal.

Since March 2007, Lesen in Deutschland has indexed reading-related innovative projects and models within the framework of the German Education Servers.

Lesen in Deutschland is provided under the umbrella of the German Education Server and hosted by DIPF.


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last modified Sep 24, 2013