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School media library

The portal "School media library" answers questions about the organisation and the everyday life in school media libraries

This portal offers information regarding all aspects of organizing and running school libraries. Interested users will find useful hints and incentives, examples for integrating libraries into lessons and the collaboration of schools and libraries, as well as current information on promoting reading.

Users can research how certain school subjects are related to the library, the library can be integrated into instructional purposes, but the portal also offers information about training opportunities and reading related events.

Due to expertise given by the commission for schools and library use and the integration into the German Education Server, Schulmediothek.de reaches out to a broader, generally interested public as well as to experts in the field.

 School media library


The portal Schulmediothek is edited by the commission of “Bibliothek und Schule“, German Library Association (dbv). Its conceptual and technical support is provided by DIPF.

The portal is provided under the umbrella of the German Education Server.


Christine Schuster

last modified Sep 24, 2013