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Scientific co-ordination

Scientific co-ordination

DIPF fulfils important infrastructure and research tasks by co-ordinating large-scale co-operations, taking a leading role in scientific networks, institutes and large-scale projects.

Education through Language and Writing (BISS)

Together with four other institutes, DIPF is a member of the consortium that is responsible for the research and development programme “Bildung durch Sprache und Schrift (BIISS)”, with a duration of five years. BISS serves the exchange among networks of children’s day-care centres and schools and provides targeted language intervention measures.

Education in Germany

Every two years, the national report on education delivers an empirical state of the art account of education in Germany, reaching from early childhood education to adult and continuing education. The national report on education is prepared under the auspices of DIPF, in collaboration with four other co-operation partners.

German Education Server

The internet guide to education is a joint venture service provided by the federal government (Bund) and the Länder states- it is jointly offered by DIPF and FWU, the institute for media in education. The co-ordinating office is located at DIPF.

German Education Index

The German Education Index is a scholarly information system  that is jointly compiled by ca. 30 documentation centres from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The co-ordinating office of the German Education Index is located at DIPF.

IDeA center for individual development and adaptive learning

The IDeA centre conducts project-oriented work on fundamental and applied topics of research concerning child development and effective risk factors. DIPF holds responsible for this interdisciplinary centre- together with Frankfurt University, it  was granted funding from the Hessian programme for excellent research, LOEWE.

Leibniz Educational Research Network - LERN

More than a dozen research institutions of the Leibniz Association – amongst them DIPF – have joined forces to pool and further develop their expertise in the field of educational potential. Prof. Dr. Marcus Hasselhorn represents the Institute as one of the speakers of the network.

PISA international

In the case of PISA 2015, DIPF is the first German institute to be internationally in charge of a central module in the PISA study, commissioned by the OECD. The Institute is responsible for conceptualising, developing and assessing all questionnaires that will be implemented in PISA 2015.

Centre for International student assessment

The Centre for International student assessment co-ordinates the PISA study activities in Germany as well as German research on international comparative assessments of education. Three institutes co-operate at the Centre, i.e. Technical University Munich (TUM), DIPF and the Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education (IPN). Professor Manfred Prenzel (TUM is the Chair),  Professor Eckhard Klieme is Deputy Chair.

last modified Dec 14, 2016