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International Conference on Motivation 2012

The Conference is jointly organized by the DIPF, the Goethe-University Frankfurt and EARLI SIG 8.

Motivation in all Spheres of Life

The first meetings on motivation in Europe were called the Workshop in Achievement and Task Motivation. In an effort to acknowledge these roots we wish to explicitly address the wide range of human domains for which motivation are important. We hope that the 2012 ICM conference will bring together all researchers who are interested in better understanding human motivation e.g. from learning, school, sport, occupational, developmental, and social psychology.

Following the tradition established in Landau (2006) and continued in Turku (2008) and Porto (2010), the ICM 2012 will be preceded by a Summer School for young researchers interested in topics related to motivation and emotion.

Invited keynote speakers at the International Conference on Motivation 2012 are:

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