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Bender-Szymanski, Dorothea:

Argumentation integrity in intercultural education
A teaching project about a religious-ideological dialogue as challenge for school

In: Intercultural Education, 24 (2013) 6 , 573-591

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Argumentation, Befragung, Deutschland, Empirische Untersuchung, Evaluation, Gesprächsführung, Interkulturelle Kompetenz, Interkulturelles Lernen, Interreligiöser Dialog, Interreligiöses Lernen, Islam, Lehrerausbildung, Moslem, Projektunterricht, Simulation, Unterrichtsgestaltung

In this article, we describe the multiple phases of a teaching project that was constructed around an actual request by a Muslim community in the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) to establish an Islamic cultural centre. The request provoked a sometimes heated discussion among politicians and citizens that was published in daily newspapers. A large number of the arguments that appeared in the newspapers failed to meet fair argumentation standards and strategies. The teaching project described here therefore aimed to sensitize future teachers to issues of argumentation integrity in dialogues, especially between persons with different religious and ideological convictions. The project was subdivided into three main phases, which treated the topic from different perspectives and with different methods: a simulation game dealing with the request by the Muslim community, a theory-based phase in which participants became acquainted with a construct of argumentation integrity and from this deduced standards and strategies relating to unfair argumentation, and an application phase in which the participants had to examine published arguments by politicians relating to the request by the Muslim community in order to identify rule violations in argumentations. The empirical results suggest that the project promoted insight into unfair argumentation. Such insight can improve interreligious and intercultural communication processes at school.

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