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Pinheiro-Chagas, Pedro; Wood, Guilherme; Knops, André; Krinzinger, Helga; Lonnemann, Jan; Starling-Alves, Isabella; Willmes, Klaus; Haase, Vitor Geraldi:

In how many ways is the approximate number system associated with exact calculation?

In: PLoSOne, 9 (2014) 11 , e111155


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Arithmetik, Brasilien, Empirische Untersuchung, Forschungsstand, Grundrechenart, Grundschule, Leistungsmessung, Mathematische Kompetenz, Mathematisches Denken, Rechnen, Schüler, Schülerleistung, Schülerleistungstest, Symbol, Vergleich, Zahlbegriff, Zahlensystem

The approximate number system (ANS) has been consistently found to be associated with math achievement. However, little is known about the interactions between the different instantiations of the ANS and in how many ways they are related to exact calculation. In a cross-sectional design, we investigated the relationship between three measures of ANS acuity (non-symbolic comparison, non-symbolic estimation and non-symbolic addition), their cross-sectional trajectories and specific contributions to exact calculation. Children with mathematical difficulties (MD) and typically achieving (TA) controls attending the first six years of formal schooling participated in the study. The MD group exhibited impairments in multiple instantiations of the ANS compared to their TA peers. The ANS acuity measured by all three tasks positively correlated with age in TA children, while no correlation was found between non-symbolic comparison and age in the MD group. The measures of ANS acuity significantly correlated with each other, reflecting at least in part a common numerosity code. Crucially, we found that non-symbolic estimation partially and non-symbolic addition fully mediated the effects of non-symbolic comparison in exact calculation.(DIPF/Org.)

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