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Klieme, Eckhard; Kuger, Susanne:

PISA 2015 context questionnaires framework

In: OECD (Hrsg.): PISA 2015 assessment and analytical framework Paris : OECD (2016) , 101-127


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Deutschland, Eltern, Fragebogen, Inhalt, PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment), Schüler, Schulleiter, Zielgruppe

The present framework intends to explain the goals and the rationale for choosing appropriate questionnaire content, guiding both the questionnaire development and the forthcoming reports. The document is organized into two main parts: (1) defining the core content of the PISA questionnaires, and (2) elaborating a modular structure for broader coverage of policy issues. The first part of this document links the current Framework to the overarching (cross-cycle) structure of PISA context assessment set out in the PISA 2012 Framework (OECD 2013, p. 168 ff.). The constructs that need to be covered for monitoring trends in education are revisited, with reference to the general background of Educational Effectiveness Research. Measures which have been used previously for initial reporting, for international indicators (published in "Education at a Glance"), and for secondary analyses are reviewed, culminating in an outline of core content that should be assessed in all cycles, for all participants. The second and larger part of this document explores the full breadth of policy issues to be covered, structured by 19 modules, and explains how the most important modules-i.e. those judged as high priority modules by the PISA Governing Board-have been implemented in PISA 2015. Here, detailed references to current research are provided. (DIPF/Autor)

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