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Hartig, Johannes; Harsch, Claudia:

Multidimensional structures of competencies
Focusing on text comprehension in English as a foreign language

In: Leutner, Detlev;Fleischer, Jens;Grünkorn, Juliane;Klieme, Eckhard (Hrsg.): Competence assessment in education Cham : Springer (2017) , 357-368


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Deutschland, Englischunterricht, Englisch als Zweitsprache, Textverständnis, Hörverstehen, Item-Response-Theory, Itemanalyse, Schwierigkeit, Test, Schüler, Schuljahr 09, Text, Rezeption, Rasch-Modell

The project "Modeling competencies with multidimensional item-response-theory models" examined different psychometric models for student performance in English as a foreign language. On the basis of the results of re-analyses of data from completed large scale assessments, a new test of reading and listening comprehension was constructed. The items within this test use the same text material both for reading and for listening tasks, thus allowing a closer examination of the relations between abilities required for the comprehension of both written and spoken texts. Furthermore, item characteristics (e.g., cognitive demands and response format) were systematically varied, allowing us to disentangle the effects of these characteristics on item difficulty and dimensional structure. This chapter presents results on the properties of the newly developed test: Both reading and listening comprehension can be reliably measured (rel = .91 for reading and .86 for listening). Abilities for both sub-domains prove to be highly correlated yet empirically distinguishable, with a latent correlation of .84. Despite the listening items being more difficult, in terms of absolute correct answers, the difficulties of the same items in the reading and listening versions are highly correlated (r = .84). Implications of the results for measuring language competencies in educational contexts are discussed. (DIPF/Orig.)

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