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Kollmann, Stefanie (Hrsg.); Müller, Lars (Hrsg.); Reh, Sabine (Hrsg.); Dane, Jacques (Hrsg.); Ruiten, Tijs van (Hrsg.):

Picture archives and the emergence of visual history of education
ISCHE 40 pre-conference workshop; 3rd workshop "Pictura Paedagogica Online: educational knowledge in images"

Berlin : BBF | Bibliothek für Bildungsgeschichtliche Forschung, Abteilung des DIPF | Leibniz-Institut für Bildungsforschung und Bildungsi (2018) , 92

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2. Herausgeberschaft; Sammelband (keine besondere Kategorie)

Bild, Archiv, Datenbank, Schule, Bildungsgeschichte, Visuelles Medium, Archivwesen, Digitalisierung, Geschichte (Histor), 19. Jahrhundert, 20. Jahrhundert, Tagungsbericht, Niederlande, Deutschland, China

One of the characteristic features of modern life is the omnipresence of images - in public life as well as in the private surroundings. At latest with coining the term "Visual history" at the beginning of the nineteen nineties historical disciplines are dealing with this ever growing pool of pictorial sources. This is also true for educational history - especially when keeping in mind that the use of images in an educational context is common practice since early modern ages. This concerns the presentation practices, the design of didactic visual media and their use in educational practice as well as the illustrated traces of historical educational practice and historical educational knowledge (e.g. photographs of school buildings or educational scenes). There are various digital picture archives to address the research questions of many historical disciplines. These databases, though, differ widely in purpose and design - and of course they cannot serve every scientific demand. According to Gerhard Paul there should be at least four layers of information evaluation when analysing historical images (reality of depiction, genesis, use and impact). Thus, building up a corpus of image sources with sufficient accompanying information can be quite challenging. As major topic the Pre-Conference Workshop will focus on the impact of the discipline on developing and maintaining of a picture archive. (DIPF/Orig.)

Bibliothek für Bildungsgeschichtliche Forschung