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Grandy, Thomas H.; Lindenberger, Ulman; Schmiedek, Florian:

Vampires and nurses are rated differently by younger and older adults
Age-comparative norms of imageability and emotionality for about 2500 German nouns

In: Behavior Research Methods, 52 (2020) , 980-989

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Junger Erwachsener, Alter Mensch, Vorstellung (Psy), Emotion, Wort, Verhalten, Wohlbefinden, Kognitive Kompetenz, Gedächtnis, Leistungsfähigkeit, Semantik, Phonologie, Altersgruppe, Vergleich, Experimentelle Untersuchung, Deutschland

Imageability and emotionality ratings for 2592 German nouns (3-10 letters, one to three phonological syllables) were obtained from younger adults (21-31 years) and older adults (70-86 years). Valid ratings were obtained on average from 20 younger and 23 older adults per word for imageability, and from 18 younger and 19 older adults per word for emotionality. The internal consistency (Cronbach's ) and retest rank-order stability of the ratings were high for both age groups ( and r.97). Also, the validity of our ratings was found to be high, as compared to previously published ratings (r.86). The ratings showed substantial rank-order stability across younger and older adults (imageability, r=.94; emotionality, r=.85). At the same time, systematic differences between age groups were found in the mean levels of ratings (imageability, d=0.38; emotionality, d=0.20) and in the extent to which the rating scales were used (imageability, SD=24 vs. 19, scale of 0 to 100; emotionality, SD=26 vs. 31, scale of 100 to 100). At the descriptive level, our data hint at systematically different evaluations of semantic categories regarding imageability and emotionality across younger and older adults. Given that imageability and emotionality have been reported, for instance, as important determinants for the recognition and recall of words, our findings highlight the importance of considering age-specific information in age-comparative cognitive (neuroscience) experimental studies using word materials. The age-specific imageability and emotionality ratings for the 2592 German nouns can be found in the electronic supplementary material 1. (DIPF/Orig.)

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