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Heck, Tamara; Brimioulle, Patrick:

Experiencing open practices - a qualitative long-term study among early career educational researchers

In: Havemann, Johanna; Heck, Tamara; Schmalz, Xenia; Schwarzkopf, Christopher; Steinhardt, Isabel (Hrsg.): Proceedings of Open Practices in Education (OPINE) - Research Symposium, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 14-15 November 2019 Meyrin : CERN (2019) , 1-6

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4. Beiträge in Sammelwerken; Tagungsband/Konferenzbeitrag/Proceedings

Wissenschaftler, Forscher, Nachwuchswissenschaftler, Erziehungswissenschaft, Bildungsforschung, Open Science, Forschungspraxis, Einflussfaktor, Anwendung, Reflexion (Phil), Erfahrung, Workshop, Gruppendiskussion, Längsschnittstudie, Qualitative Forschung, Deutschland

The long-term study aims at getting deeper insights in how early career researchers adopt open practices in their daily work, i.e. research and teaching. Quantitative surveys show that researchers think differently about open practices (Levin & Leonelli, 2017; Levin, Leonelli, Weckowska, Castle, & Dupré, 2016), have attitudes against data sharing (Ünal, Chowdhury, Kurbanoglu, Boustany, & Walton, 2019) and are influenced by diverse factors like communities and policies (Bossu & Stagg, 2018; Kim & Nah, 2018; Linek, Fecher, Friesike, & Hebing, 2017). The current study offers researchers to test open practices and reflect on them during their active daily work. The focus lies on practices that relate to aspects of open science (Kramer & Bosman, 2017) and open education (Cronin, 2017). The study contributes to a better understanding on how personal-, social- and environmental-dependent factors influence the adaptation of open practices in research and education. The approach is user-centric, i.e. participants choose their own practices to test and reflect on them for about half a year. The study focuses on two main research questions: Which factors influence research practices? In which way are those factors dependent from each other?

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