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Dignath, Charlotte; Veenman, Marcel V. J.:

The role of direct strategy instruction in promoting self-regulated learning - evidence from classroom observation studies

In: Educational Psychology Review, 33 (2021) 2 , 489-533

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Selbstgesteuertes Lernen, Lehrer, Lernumgebung, Unterricht, Lernstrategie, Schüler, Förderung, Unterrichtsbeobachtung, Studien, Publikation, Analyse

Despite the consensus about the importance of self-regulated learning for academic as well as for lifelong learning, it is still poorly understood as to how teachers can most effectively support their students in enacting self-regulated learning. This article provides a framework about how self-regulated learning can be activated directly through strategy instruction and indirectly by creating a learning environment that allows students to regulate their learning. In examining teachers' instructional attempts for SRL, we systematically review the literature on classroom observation studies that have assessed how teachers support their students' SRL. The results of the 17 retrieved studies show that in most classrooms, only little direct strategy instruction took place. Nevertheless, some teachers provided their students with learning environments that require and thus foster self-regulated learning indirectly. Based on a review of classroom observation studies, this article stresses the significance of (1) instructing SRL strategies explicitly so that students develop metacognitive knowledge and skills to integrate the application of these strategies successfully into their learning process, and (2) the necessity of complementing classroom observation research with data gathered from student and teacher self-report in order to obtain a comprehensive view of the effectiveness of teacher approaches to support SRL. Finally, we discuss ten cornerstones for future directions for research about supporting SRL.

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