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Pashiardis, Petros; Brauckmann, Stefan:

Professional development needs of school principals.

In: Commonwealth Education Partnerships 2009/10 Cambridge : Nexus Strategic Partnerships (2009) , S. 120-124


Monographieauszug; Sammelwerk/Tagungsband/referiert

Schulleiter, Schulleitung, Lehrerfortbildung, Schulverwaltung, Schulorganisation, Effektivität, Führungskraft, Qualitätssicherung, Schulmanagement, Koordination, Evaluation, Commonwealth

Policy makers in mainland Europe, North America, and Austral-Asia have launched programs designed to support leadership development in education. Based on this realisation, the Commonwealth Secretariat commissioned a study which was called the: "Commonwealth project on leadership in education assessment and development" (Co-LEAD). The study's main goal was to explore school leaders' training needs around the Commonwealth in order to provide some answers to the following questions and more specifically to the professional development needs of school principals. To date, research in these areas is scarce, especially in Commonwealth countries, thus the great expectations that the Needs Assessment Study commissioned by the Commonwealth Secretariat will form an initial base of evidence that future research and practice can build on with regards to school leaders' professional development. Within this context, the two researchers who undertook the needs assessment study developed the following framework which depicts the way forward in terms of school leaders' professional development for the 21st century. In particular they focused on the following guiding questions: "In what kind of context do school leaders operate, at the system as well as at the local level?" "How well prepared are school leaders in performing effectively their duties?" "Where do their needs for professional development lie?" "Which forms of professional development are preferable?" (DIPF/Autor)

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