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Sidorova, Natalia (Hrsg.); Moldt, Daniel (Hrsg.); Rölke, Heiko (Hrsg.):

Petri Nets and distributed systems.
PNDS'08. Proceedings of the International Workshop. Part of the International Conference on Application and Theory of Petri Nets and other Models of Concurrency.

Xian : Univ. (2008) , 166 S.


Monographie; Monographie/Herausgeber

Petri-Netz, Modellierung, Softwareentwicklung, Netzarchitektur, Informatik, Datenanalyse, Informationsverarbeitung

This booklet contains the proceedings of the International Workshop on Petri Nets andDistributed Systems (PNDS'08) in Xi'an, China, June 23-24, 2008. It is a satellite event ofPetri Nets 2008, the 29th International Conference on Application and Theory of Petri Netsand Other Models of Concurrency. PNDS'08 is organized by institutes from Eindhoven University of Technology, TheNetherlands, the University of Hamburg, Germany, and the German Institute for InternationalEducational Research, Frankfurt, Germany. More information about the workshop can be found athttp://www.informatik.uni- For the successful realization of complex systems of interacting and reactive software andhardware components the use of a precise language at different stages of the developmentprocess is of crucial importance. Petri nets are becoming increasingly popular in this area, asthey provide a uniform language that supports the tasks of modelling, validation andverification. Their popularity is due to the fact that fundamental aspects of causality,concurrency and choice are captured by Petri nets in a natural and mathematically precise waywithout compromising readability.The use of Petri nets (P/T-nets, colored Petri nets and extensions) related to all aspects ofdistributed systems, covering modelling, validation, and verification, are presented as well astheir application and tools supporting the disciplines mentioned above.The intention of this workshop is to bring together research and application to have a livelymutual exchange of ideas, view points, knowledge, and experience. (Autor)

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