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Blees, Ingo; Rittberger, Marc:

A new web 2.0 learning environment:
Concept, implementation, evaluation

In: eLearning Papers Special Edition, (2010) , 33-44

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E-Learning, Konstruktivismus, Web 2.0

This contribution presents and evaluates a new learning environment model based on web 2.0 applications. In a theoretical overview, we introduce the concepts of eLearning 2.0 and Personal Learning Environments, along with their main aspects of autonomy, creativity and networking, and relate them to the didactics of constructivism and connectivism. The requirements and basic functional components for the development of our particular web 2.0 learning environment are derived from these aspects. The section describing the implementation of the environment in a trial at the Darmstadt University of Applied Science focuses on the specific didactic contribution made by the particular learning modules to the overall learning arrangement. Our learning environment was tested and evaluated during the Social Software course held in 2007/08 as part of the information science program at the Darmstadt University of Applied Science. A questionnaire-based survey reveals interesting facts regarding the success of the practical implementation of the web 2.0 arrangement with respect to the motivation and learning outcome of students. The survey was supplemented by some informal feedback provided in a concluding discussion. With these results in mind, this paper concludes with some remarks on the potential of the learning environment in broader educational contexts.

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