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Yang, Lan; Arens, A. Katrin; Watkins, David A.:
Testing the twofold multidimensionality of academic self-concept
In: Educational Psychology, 36 (2016) 9 , 1651-1669
Yang, Lang; Arens, A. Katrin; Xu, Man Kate; Sin, Kuen Fung:
Testing the internal and external frames of reference for academic self-concept among Chinese vocational students
In: King, Ronnel B.;Bernardo, Allan B. I. (Hrsg.): The psychology of Asian learners Singapore : Springer (2016) , 101-123
Lonnemann, Jan; Yan, Song:
Does number word inversion affect arithmetic processes in adults?
In: Trends in Neuroscience and Education, 4 (2015) 1/2 , 1-5

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