Right to all-day care briefly explained

Right to all-day care briefly explained
Nov 09, 2022
The DPA Children's News reports with assessments by Dr. Stephan Kielblock.

From 2026, there will be a legal entitlement to all-day care for elementary school children. In the report, DIPF researcher Kielblock explains, among other things, the advantages of all-day school: "The great thing about all-day school is that the children who are enrolled there can develop their personalities particularly well." However, he also addresses the major challenges involved in offering a really good all-day school - such as ensuring that there is a wide variety of offerings and also free space.

In addition, all children could benefit from all-day school - including those from families in socially difficult situations. After all, "not every child lives in a family where the parents have the money or the time to take the child to singing lessons or horseback riding," Kielblock emphasizes.

The entire DPA article (here in the Nürtinger Zeitung)