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From Tracking to Adaptive Teaching. Dealing with Heterogeneity in the Classroom

In an article for BOLD blog, Dr. Hanna Dumont explores how learning opportunities for all students can be improved.

School systems and teachers are faced with an increasingly diverse student body. In an article for the Jacobs Foundation’s BOLD blog (Blog on Learning and Development), DIPF-researcher Dr. Hanna Dumont explains the motives for the practice of tracking, the grouping of students with similar achievement levels into courses, study programs, or schools. She notes that while it is common practice, there is empirical evidence that tracking exacerbates educational inequality and examines whether adaptive teaching, an approach that requires teachers to continuously adapt their instruction according to individual students’ needs, may be better suited to ensure equal learning opportunities for all students.

The article in BOLD blog

last modified Jul 21, 2017