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Science programme explains the relationship between sleep and learning, including results from an IDeA project.

The impact of sleep on learning and memory performance is of interest in many studies. TV science programme Planet Wissen (“planet knowledge”) gives an overview over some of the results. We know today, for example, that infants process their experiences in their sleep, that deep sleep is important in order to store information in the brain, and that listening to recorded vocabulary while sleeping can really help with learning the words.

In its overview, Planet Wissen also presents some of the results from the project Assessment of Cognitive Performance Fluctuations in the School Context. It was conducted at the interdisciplinary research centre Individual Development and Adaptive Education of Children at Risk (IDeA), which is coordinated at DIPF. FLUX showed that sleep patterns influence children’s mental performance in everyday school life, i.e. outside of laboratory conditions.

Planet Wissen
overview (in German)

More information on FLUX


last modified Jul 04, 2017