“Definitions, metaphors, and modes in the assessment of teaching”

“Definitions, metaphors, and modes in the assessment of teaching”

Keynote from Courtney Bell, Wisconsin Center for Educational Research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, within the digiGEBF21.


Dec 07, 2021 from 05:00 PM to 06:30 PM (Europe/Berlin / UTC100)

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Every time we observe a lesson or students complete a questionnaire about the teaching in their classroom, we are “assessing” teaching.  Assessment is a straightforward idea but a complex enterprise.  In addition to the issues that readily come to mind when we think of assessment – e.g., the degree to which an instrument captures the complexity of teaching, the meaning of scores, rater reliability, and the consequences associated with assessments –  stakeholders frequently do not agree on the goals of assessing teaching.  Researchers may have one goal in mind, while practitioners another.

This talk describes two dominant metaphors – assessment as a feedback loop and as measurement – used by stakeholders.  Drawing on data from three studies (a U.S. study of teacher evaluation in Los Angeles, a study of teaching and learning in eight economies, and a study of virtual reality performance assessments of core practices) the talk illustrates these metaphors, and the inherent choices researchers face when studying teaching. Researchers’ decisions about definitions, metaphors, and measurement modes have implications for what the field learns about teaching quality.

The talk identifies these implications, including why stakeholders often have incompatible views of teaching assessments.

The keynote will be broadcast live:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnkchGaMgKiI9nmniwYrIBQ
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